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My daughter, Mia, is turning 10 on June 16th. Instead of having a birthday party and presents, she's asked if she can have an online fundraiser for her favorite animal shelter, the Cat Adoption Team, in Sherwood, Oregon. Mia is an official Kitten Foster Parent for the Cat Adoption Team. She passed an interview, took a class, and fostered several kittens in our home, socializing them, getting them big and strong, and helping find them new forever homes. She has even donated a portion of her own allowance savings to C.A.T. and the Oregon Humane Society. Here's Mia's description of why saving cats is important to her:

"I want to help the Cat Adoption Team because when they have too many cats, they give the cats out to foster parents, so that less cats have to be put down in the world. [Mom's note: C.A.T. is a no-kill shelter; see below.] Cats are important to me because they've always been nice and sweet to me, and I've never met a cat who doesn't just snuggle right up to me. I think that it's not fair to put cats down who didn't do anything wrong."

A couple more things that might interest you:

1. The Cat Adoption Team is a no-kill shelter. Their Foster Kitten Program allows C.A.T. to make more space and accept cats from other shelters who would otherwise be put down. Genius!

2. Causes collects about 4% of each contribution from the shelter. I will reimburse the shelter for any fees, so that 100% of your contribution will go toward saving cats!

3. We both really appreciate your willingness to consider this cause! Viva the cat!

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