Sign the Petition to Governor Jay Inslee, Sen. Jim Hargrove, Representative Kevin Van De Wege, Steve Tharinger, Benedict, Sheriff,

Dear Sen. Hargrove, Rep. Van De Wege, Rep. Steve Tharinger, Sheriff Benedict, and all other representatives of law enforcement and elected officials;

Please investigate the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, Washington.  Legal action against this "sanctuary" stalled on the local level. OAS needs to be investigated by those who have the power to start a "real" investigation.

In fact, details of a supposed 6-week investigation by local law have never been made public.  When did the police go to the facility?  Dates?  What did the police see--where inside the facility did they tour?  Which animals did they examine?  What vet was in attendance to give a professional opinion on the state of the animals?  Did they take pictures?  Which officers were involved? 

Pictures of emaciated, sickly animals living in filthy conditions have surfaced, and nothing is being done.  The facility did a major clean up for the news to come, and it is felt that the poor conditions will resurface once the press leaves. 

We call upon the elected officials of Washington State to investigate this facility!  We demand the law officials do their jobs!  It is said that Washington State has some of the most progressive animal care/anti-cruelty laws in the USA.  Please enforce these laws! 

In our opinion, the OAS needs to be SHUT DOWN, and the owner and board members charged with animal cruelty.  The animals need to be moved to other rescues and shelters.

The world is watching!


Elizabeth Schiltz

Sometimes, the only way to move/start legal action is through the voice of the people!  Perhaps public opinion will get this started!  Obviously, using legal channels is not working----local officials are closing their eyes to this horrible travesty of a sanctuary. Please sign!


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