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Hello to All Cherry's friend! 

First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you who donated for Cherry operation. Also, many thanks to those who supported us and shared Cherry's story. On this video You can see that she is recovering well in broad house and that she is relies a lit of bit on that operated leg

Beside this, we have one bad news! Cherry was discovered lumps in her mouth :/ and she needs to go to the operation! On new pic which was taken on 31th July 2013 You can see the lump … Operation is scheduled for Thursday 8 th of August, 2013, so we'll now much more about the lump after intervention. At the same time Cherry will be sterilized so she would be ready for her new home whenever she find it. This time we have a support of the Vet who will not charge removing of the lump but we need money for board house (40 euro + food per a month) for recovering after surgery. 

So, Cherry needs Your help ones more! 

Over and above Marijana also have to take care for 16 adult and 5 puppies at the moment and to pay board house for two more female dogs Brena and Zora! Please share or donate if you can via our project for Marijana's animals

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Thank You All!!!


Cherry's story

Cherry is one of the three puppies which has been thrown out in February this year, left in cartoon box with no food and water, all alone in abandoned area. ... you can read more on this link

Now she's 4,5 months old, vaccinated against infectious diseases but no home yet :/  Few days ago she was hit by a car and now has a broken front right leg :( Cherry has been taken to the Vet today and x- ray confirmed fracture of her knee :/ The vet said the sooner she's operated the better, but the problem is money we don't have. Operation costs about 160 euros! Please, please help any way you can. 

Share or donate, but please Cherry needs your help!

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Thank You All!!!



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