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All Citizens of the UK and all Crowned Territories

To Queen Elizabeth II, Her Prime Minister and Her Government! 

We the people of all UK Territories around the world, are requesting that the killers of Drummer Lee Rigby and all Suspected Terrorist be tried under the 'Treason Act' as a direct attack on the Crown, once convicted be punished as of the Treason Act resulting in their Citizenship being revoked and being removed from all UK Territories. 

We also request that all State Benefits, State Healthcare, State Housing and any privileges given to the said individuals from the British Tax Payer stop immediately.

We also ask for the 'Treason Act' to be revised in Parliament and Any British Citizen (regardless of Race, Religion or Colour) committing the following acts be punished in relation to the Treason Act with the minimum punishment of striping the said individual of their Citizenship and removing them from all British Territories and never to be allowed to return regardless of the Human Rights Act!

1. Individuals who participates in acts of violence to Overthrow or Undermine The Government, Her Majesty, Her Heirs or successors.

2. Individuals who physically attack in order to maim, seriously injure, or kill Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors or serving members of any of Her Majesty's or Government organisations.

3. Individuals who Deface, Damage or Intend to Damage Her Majesty's or Her Governments Property including Memorials which have been placed to remember the Brave who have fought for the Freedom of the UK and its Territories.

4. Individuals who destroy or deface symbols of Her Majesty, Her Government, Her Heirs of Her Successors including but not limited to, Symbols of The Crown, Photographs of our Monarchy, British Flags, British Poppy's and such like.

The Above requested are just a minor number of potential offences we ask to be  reviewed in Parliament, we request that all Legislation and Statues regarding the Treason Act dating back to 1351 be revisited and revised to comply with today's trends.


Theo Alexandrou

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How this will help

For the future of Britain ,not only for the safety of its citizens now but for our children's future and there children's future! 



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