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How this will help is the newest anti-LASIK website on the scene and they are "BORN TO WARN!"  They have already released a mini-documentary video called ""In the Blink of an Eye!"  And now they are working on a full length LASIK documentary!  Here's more...

Our goal is to complete a 85 Minute Documentary Film
showcasing the lives of 4-6 injured LASIK patients, their daily struggles, and
how the FDA and the LASIK industry ignores all that become injured.
All while the FDA's own Ex Chief of Medical Devices, Dr. Morris Waxler, who was
with the FDA for 26 years and gave the green FDA APPROVAL for LASIK since has
petitioned the FDA to pull the FDA APPROVAL
and wants a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into those Ophthalmologists that "COOKED"
the LASIK safety studies…This is our cause…

Our Goal:  To raise $50,000 to fund a LASIK Documentary

As of today, we're at $1,050 and have about 56 days left!

Please support our cause to prevent innocent healthy eyes
from becoming "SICK AND DISEASED FROM LASIK" even if it's just a $5
Or…Give an Anonymous contribution via PayPal to
[email protected]

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