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Residents of East Windsor and surrounding communities

On May 25, 2013 Dispatcher Sharon Bourke lost her battle with cancer. As we have come to expect she handled her final days with dignity and independance. Sharon and her family have built a long standing standard of service to the residents of East Windsor and the citizens of Connecticut. Her brother Mike also served for over 3 decades as  police officer in our town. Her sons and nephews serve in law enforcement and military positions.  We the undersigned respectfully feel such dedication should be recognized. We request that the East Windsor Police Commission and the Town of East Windsor name East Windsor Emergency Communications Center in honor of Dispatcher Sharon Bourke and that a memorial plaque, commemorating her years of dedicated service be displayed prominently in the area. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation


Doug Humphrey

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To demonstrate support for the contributions made by Dispatcher Sharon Bourke during her tenure as a public safety dispatcher with the East Windsor Police Department prior to losing her battle with cancer on May 25, 2013

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