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Hiya everybody,

My apologies for invading your inbox again, and for the fact this one isn't military charity related, but it is headed by veterans, in fact most area coordinators are also veterans. And it is definitely (we think) worth telling you about.

We joined forces with the "original Daemon Hunter" that a few of you might have come across. Daemon Hunter baits, collates evidence for the police, and confronts UK paedophiles preying on our children online. We want to help them expand their operation "somewhat", both in support for the cause, and raising volunteers to coordinate, coordinate with police, to bait paedophiles, and to do the video confrontations. Daemon Hunter has already led to several nonces being charged, and for raising public awareness of who/where they are.

Further information (including how to volunteer) is available on the new website at

But for now, please could we beg you all to join the cause on at:

and invite your entire UK friends list - it only takes 2 minutes of your time.

There is also a petition we need 100,000 signatures on at:

We hope that you will support us in this truly worthwhile cause!

Many thanks and best regards,



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