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Dear friends and families of Tibet,    

My birthday is coming up on May 27th. I will be turning 17. As I welcome my birthday with expectations of festivities and celebration, a grim feeling comes to my mind as this year amounts to 17 more years that Tibet has been under the brutal rule of the Chinese Government since my birth. I live in New York where thousands of Tibetans like me enjoy and take for granted basic liberties that Tibetans inside Tibet are robbed of. 

I have been interning at SFT HQ in New York to fight for the Tibetans inside Tibet. We have fought on, despite the apparent lack of support and blatant callousness of World Governments who pledge to fight for "human rights". My activism all started back in 2010 when I attended the TCV summer camp. I got to interact and engage with Tibetans that had recently escaped from Tibet. Through these recent exiles, I got to learn about their life in Tibet. Their stories of suffering and pain were too complicated to write about, too graphic and explicit to display in movies, but all too easy to comprehend and sympathise with. Going to the TCV summer camp sparked a fire within me that glowed with sacred patriotism and determination to Free Tibet and end suffering once and for all.  The determination has been fueled by the recent wave of self-immolations and the world leaders' indifference to them. I want to stand up for what I believe is right and humane. 

I want to attend the action camp offered by SFT in Germany. I have saved up $500 with the help of my parents. However, I need $700 more to pay for the flight ticket. Going to action camp will help me meet and interact with other Tibetan youths all over the world. I am looking forward to being united by the activism and love for Tibet that we all share. This is an excellent opportunity for me to learn critical campaign strategies, media advocacy, and leadership skills. I am very excited to engage in intellectual dialogue with other that share the same interest as me. With your help, my dream can be a reality. 

The youth will someday inherit the torch of the freedom movement and I want to make sure that we are all capable and ready. Please invest on the future of Tibet.

Thank you,



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