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maximum sentencing for knife related crimeResponsible department: Ministry of JusticePlease help us in pushing the Goverment to allow the police and CPS greater powers to convict persons carrying and using knives. The no value of life culture is allowing people to walk freely on the streets of the UK with no fear whilst carrying and going prepared to use a knife, its as good as taking a loaded gun onto our streets but the deterrent is not working regarding the carrying and use of knives.(with our current laws). We propose a maximum sentence for this crime to allow the children and family of us all, to live without the fear we are experiencing daily, please sign and share, we can make a difference, but we need to state we have had enough and this needs to STOP


Andy Lea

This petition closed over 4 years ago

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Help to secure the safety of our loved ones giving the law greater powers to stop and search, and allow greater powers to stop this ever increasing knife culture where life is being taken on a daily basis so cheaply


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