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Every donation, no matter how small, helps to support the brave men and women at Workers' Dignity, who are standing up to abusive bosses and making Nashville the kind of city we would want to live in.

Workers' Dignity is its members. They are single mothers working for far below minimum wage as hotel housekeepers. They are DREAMers just graduating from high school and working full time to help support their families while saving up for college. They are fathers who work long hours in car washes and hospitals, or as roofers or truckers.

Holding bosses accountable can be risky. One member, whose millionaire boss paid her $4 an hour for years of overtime work as a housekeeper, was threatened with a "slow death" last month after she and her fellow workers went public with their fight for minimum wage. Others were fired or threatened with immigration raids. But Workers' Dignity didn't buckle under the pressure, and workers across the city are learning that if they stand up for themselves, others will stand with them.

Donations will go to help keep the workers' center open and support worker-led campaigns for justice that will make conditions better for all of us in Middle Tennessee. 

PS- if you don't use facebook, or would rather donate directly, here is the direct donate page for workers' dignity:

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