Sign the Petition to Guatemalan Human Rights Ombudsman

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No one should suffer violence because of their struggle for justice. The survivors of Guatemala's genocide showed us incredible strength as they recounted the horrific violence they had witnessed against their families. Throughout the trial the survivors, along with their attorneys and the judges have faced threats of reprisals, even assassination. It is time for them to be able to lay down this burden and focus on healing themselves and their communities. We can let them know that the world is standing with them and will not abandon them.

On May 24th, the survivors and their supporters will march to the Constitutional Court to denounce the Court's overturning of the sentencing of Rios Montt, former Guatemalan Head of State, for genocide and war crimes. There will be parallel protests in five other countries in front of the Guatemalan embassies. 

For those of us who cannot be there in person, we can still be there in spirit. Please sign this petition asking Guatemala's Human Rights Ombudsman to protect the victims of genocide and others who were involved in the case. 

After you sign, please tweet "@cacifnoticias I stand for justice with #Guatemala genocide survivors" to let Guatemala's powerful business lobby which has publicly spoken out against the genocide trial that the world is watching. 

It's time for justice in Guatemala. One crucial step is that those brave individuals who stand for the truth are not targeted for their efforts. Stop the violence so Guatemala can heal. 


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