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Not let one man's act of terror define Islam and to listen and promote the voices of Muslims who are

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Yesterday two men armed with long knives and meat cleavers decapitated an off-duty soldier on the streets of Woolwich, London while yelling "Allahu Akbar" - God is great. 

While their actions were meant to strike back at the British military, it is the Muslim community at large who will ultimately pay the price for their brutality. For many people, murders like these become the face of Islam. Already we're seeing the negative backlash on the streets of London with anti-Muslim chants and two mosques coming under attack. 

As global citizens who recognize that one man's extreme Islamic ideals do not represent all Muslims, it's time for us to speak out; one man's actions DO NOT speak for a community!

In the next few weeks, while images of this horrific incident take up all the headlines, pledge to remember the diverse, beautiful, and positive contributions that countless Muslims make around the globe. 


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