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     May is national Foster Care Awareness month. There are over 100 children in Washoe County, Nevada in need of a permanent home and hundreds in need of temporary placement or foster care. We are living in a time where it has never been easier to spread information so quickly to so many people yet a picture of a dog or margarita will have more Facebook “likes” and “shares” than groups trying to help the children and families in our community.The goal of this cause is not to turn everyone into a foster or adoptive parent. That is a special calling that not everyone is designed for. It is simply to increase the awareness in our community and provide opportunities for those who feel moved to make a difference do so. All of the children shown need permanent homes.(  Please take just a minute to sign and pass this petition on with faith that by you sharing information you may have a positive impact on a child's future. We can never underestimate who might come forward and advocate for our children.  


Gloria Leigh

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How this will help

By signing this petition and passing it on each person has contributed to the placement of a child who has entered into the child welfare system through no fault of their own.

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