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Supporters of The Marian Wayside Shrine

The Marian Wayside Shrine has been a place rest, pray, find peace, and honor the Blessed Mother for locals and travelers of Route 41 since 1954.  Hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed the shrine and it has become a historic religious landmark known far and wide, as well as a source of pride for the residents of St. John.  It remains a significant part of the St. John community and deserves to remain in its place of honor on Route 41.  The plan that we oppose would have the original marble statue of the Blessed Mother moved to the grounds of St. John the Evangelist Church and be replaced by a modern stainless steel Virgin Mary statue called Our Lady of the New Millennium.  This Mary statue is special in her own way, but should find her own place of honor. 

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Sign the petition if you believe the historic Marian Wayside Shrine should remain where it has been located for the last 60 years on Route 41 in St. John, IN. 


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