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Russell County, AL Warrant Magistrate Boswell, Governor Bently, Congressman Mike D. Rogers

Magistrate Dennis Boswell: Arrest Quentin Moore for Domestic Violence charges!

I am a disabled woman mostly confined to a wheelchair. I have diabetes and peripheral neuropathy as a result of my diabetes. My husband started being physically and mentally abusive over the months prior to September 9, 2012 when I asked my Husband to move out and for us to seek counseling. He trapped me in the house by leaving the vehicles below empty, overdrawing all of our bank accounts including one that was funded by my sister for my medicine, he took the lift off of my Jeep for my wheel chair, cut off the house phone and my cell phone and for a short time the internet, and only gave me food for doing his online school work. I went for weeks with very little food. During this time I lost over 40 pounds. Our house is out in the country.On September 9, 2012 I told my husband I thought he should move in with his daughter and for us to go to counseling. He called the cops because of this so he could establish that he did not have to move out. When the deputy arrived he and the deputy stood around joking. He even told the deputy that I wasn't sick and that I was making everything up. The deputy said he could not make him leave and started joking even more with my Husband and when I told the deputy that he was paying $400 a month for cable and starving me he said to my husband that he would starve his family too in order to have Sunday Sports Ticket. The deputy sided with him and did nothing.The next day I was woken up by my husband hitting and yelling at me accusing me of taking his keys. He was beating on my feet knowing it would hurt me because of my peripheral neuropathy. I got out of bed and showed him I did not have his keys. He backed me up against the closed bathroom door slapping my arms and grabbed my hand and I pulled my hand to get free of him and my elbow went through a thick mirror that was hanging on the door and cut my elbow. I called 911 and he left for work. When the Russell County Sheriff's Department sent Deputy Richard Brogdon, Deputy Brogdon took pictures of my arm and took a statement from one of my son's friends who had stayed overnight and Deputy Brogdon wrote it up as a code 1324 Simple Assault Domestic Violence. I could not afford to take the report to Warrant Magistrate Dennis Boswell then but when I finally was able to borrower enough money to go back to the Magistrate my Husband had filed for a divorce the day before. I had no knowledge of this filing and had not even been served. Magistrate Boswell said he thought that I was only pressing charges because my husband filed for a divorce and the Magistrate refused to let me press charges. I contacted Alabama governor Bently and he said he could not help and forwarded my information to the state of Alabama Office of the Attorney General, Patricia DeBortoli, Dirctor, Victim Services and I was informed they had no jurisdiction over local authorities. I am petitioning for the Warrant Magistrate Boswell, Governor Bently and Congressman Mike D. Rogers to enforce Alabama's Domestic Violence laws against Quentin Moore. In 2009 the number of Domestic Violence Simple Assault totaled 29,976, 40 homicides reported and 1,976 Domestic Violence Aggravated Assaults. I had to move to Florida to try and protect myself since the judicial system has not done anything for me yet.


Kathy Knight Moore

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The way that I have been treated by everyone from the local sheriff's department  to the magistrate and the judge (for divorce) is unbelievable! They keep ignoring the facts.  No one wants to talk...

The way that I have been treated by everyone from the local sheriff's department  to the magistrate and the judge (for divorce) is unbelievable! They keep ignoring the facts.  No one wants to talk about what actually happened.  After the domestic violence, which was reported immediately to the police, my husband left later that day.  He had a police escort.  He then started turning off the utilities forcing me to leave.  He should have to answer for the way he treated me and is still treating me.  He will not give me any support, so here I sit without a dime to my name since September 2012.  I can not work and am going through the whole SSI routine.  


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