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Hello! This year, I am using my birthday on June 6, as a platform to raise funds for More Than Me (MTM)- an organization I hold deep respect and admiration, for its amazing and unique work in West Point, Liberia, rescuing and working with sexually trafficked girls. Liberia is a post-war country in West Africa and More Than Me operates in its capital; Monrovia- named after U.S. ex-president James Monroe.

Who am I? My name is Deborah Dauda. I am a Nigerian-American, an artist, educator and activist passionate about using the Arts as a conduit for social change.  I am inspired by the lives of women and children around the world who find strength in adversity, and I am motivated to fight for the rights of women and children by experiences growing up in Nigerian and living here in the U.S. As a public health professional with a background in African studies and international development from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and the International Institute, the intersections of education, health, sexual violence and economic mobility of young women couldn't be clearer- and this is why I believe in, and support the work of More Than Me  in West Point, Liberia.

Why Do I want to Focus on Girls Education in Liberia? In 2009, while studying abroad at the University of Ghana, Legon, I had the privilege of meeting and working with Liberians both on the school's campus and on Buduburam refugee camp. Through my interactions with young girls on the camp, I gained a deeper appreciation of Liberia's social history but was appalled by the low educational attainment, and high pregnancy rates (many of which occurred through sexual violence and rape) of these girls.

Why Support More Than Me (MTM)? Unfortunately, the reality on Buduburam Camp in Ghana is the same in Liberia as the 14 years protracted civil war, left the country's education, social and health systems in deplorable conditions, thus increasing the vulnerability of young girls. Today, many girls in Liberia do not have the chance to go to school, more girls attend elementary school in their late teens, and parent can't afford school uniforms and supplies. As a result of these vulnerabilities, exclusion, and marginalization, these girls become preys to pimps and get caught up in unfortunate and life threatening events.

Imagine this!

Although the government of Liberia has a national policy for girl's education, there are still gaps between policy and practice. The work of More Than Me  is instrumental in bridging this gap by eliminating gender disparity and increasing the social inclusion of girls in Liberia. The totality of Liberia's vibrant culture and social fabric can only be realized when girls have free access to education, safe space and protection, leadership opportunities and a VOICE through More Than Me.

                                                  I am More Than Me, and I hope you are too!

** The $250 suggested donation amount is a Facebook Causes default amount that I couldn't change. Please know that ANY AMOUNT is very welcome. Many blessings!


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