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 Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary's mission is to rescue captive bred wolves and other wild canids from humans who try to make them pets.  These poor animals cannot survive in the wild or in a cage in someone's backyard. 

 We provide permanent, lifetime safe sanctuary for those that we rescue, and provide the highest level of care, enrichment and habitat. We also educate the public about wolves, wolf-dogs, and other related species, our eco system and how we all play a part in it, and the excellent, ethical care and treatment of all animals domestic and wild.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary sits on 88 acres, has 30 habitats and 63 rescued wolves and wolf-dogs, 5 rescued New Guinea Singing Dogs, 1 rescued red fox, and 4 recently rescued dingoes.  You can visit the Sanctuary on the internet at to meet these furry friends. 

Last year, with your help, our Sanctuary was able to rescue 11 arctic wolf-dogs from disastrous living conditions.  They became known as the Iowa 11.  We recently received a call that there are 15 coyotes, which are in need of rescue.    Due to limited space and finances at the Sanctuary, we are able to rescue only 4 of these creatures.   In order to provide safe sanctuary for these rescues we need to construct two new habitats, which need large trees, caves, and water features such as ponds and streams, which will provide environmental enrichment that will stimulate their minds bodies and spirits.

Further, many of our current rescues live in habitats that are also in need of caves, ponds, streams, and trees so their lives can be full of excitement and fun.  We want to make the rest of their lives as fulfilling as possible.   With your help, we will be able to build the 2 new habitats, and enhance the existing ones.

Please watch our video here so you can see for yourselves what is needed and why. 

Please donate to this very worthy cause, which is so needed by our wild animals who now have safe sanctuary and enriched lives since we have rescued them. Thank you.        


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