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A devastating two-mile wide tornado has torn through Oklahoma City suburbs with winds of up to 200 mph, destroying neighborhoods and schools.

Moore in the south of the city is the worst hit. According to recent reports, 51 people have lost their lives, including nine children due to the collapse of multiple schools. Reports show debris everywhere, houses destroyed, upturned vehicles, street signs gone and power shortages.

As the search and rescue phase continues, a ShelterBox Response Team is en route to Oklahoma to begin our assessment and determine how we can best assist vulnerable families. In the following days, the team will be focusing on the most impacted areas to identify unmet shelter and non-food needs.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this catastrophe. For the latest updates, please visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

ShelterBox is also currently responding to other disasters worldwide, including the Syrian refugee crisis, flooding in Uganda, and earthquake in Pakistan. 

Please make a donation today to support our relief efforts in Oklahoma and around the world.

Thank you for your support and making our response possible.   

-Team ShelterBox USA

Please note: Donations made here will be used to support ShelterBox's efforts in aiding families affected by the devastating tornado in Oklahoma. In the event that we raise more money than can be reasonably and efficiently spent during this deployment, any surplus funds are used to help us prepare for and respond to other humanitarian disasters worldwide. 

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