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The Irish government is considering bringing in legislation to allow for abortion in cases of threat to the mother's life. While this is only going to help women in a very narrow set of circumstances, it WILL save lives. We need to show the government that there is both national and international support for the step towards supporting women in a difficult situation rather than abandoning them to go to the UK in what can be a very difficult journey. An irish family planning video to show the current abortion situation:

As can be seen in the below image, Ireland is one of very few developed countries to still have abortion completely outlawed. There is an obvious trend of thought throughout the world that abortion is acceptable in many circumstances for the health and happiness of women and families in a variety of circumstances. 

Many attribute Ireland's stance to the continued influence of Catholicism on its society. This can be seen in how the media has been portraying the cause, with references to bishops' reactions getting more air time than pro-abortion professionals. Many of the anti-abortion protestors' main reasons for fighting it is because it is against God's wishes, no matter the fact that the country is no longer a theocracy and should be representing the needs of people of other denominations or no religion. The importance and needs of women in Irish society is often neglected. 

Here are some examples of recent articles on abortion that have appeared in local and national newspapers:

and this APPALLING example -

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