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For those of you like me, just a concerned dad, you might be asking if a petition would really do any good. I've asked the same thing and truly don't know, but I don't care either. I refuse to sit here and let this happen again, especially when one tornado was coming straight for my daughters. And if you're familiar with government, you'll know that it takes a rediculous amount of effort, as well as miracles, to get anything done. So this is going to take much more than just our signatures. We have over 13,000 souls who have signed but most of those were within the first two weeks and only 1,542 of those have shared this petition. State Rep. Joe Dorman has been working on this for several years now but even with these tragic deaths, some lawmakers want a "study" done instead of passing his $500 million bond issue to fund the construction of storm shelters at public schools and multifamilyfacilities. This is a recent news report from KOCO 5: I know of 9 studies that have cost us far beyond what we should have had to pay at this point.

The bottom line is that if we don't sign, share, and speak for those precious children who cannot, ever again, and even those future generations, possibly your children and grandchildren, the politicians will be looking out for their bottom line instead. As a legislator, it's usually safer to do nothing and say you were "responsible" than to live from your convictions and create change that will naturally be incapable of pleasing everyone. Joe Dorman is obviously our man, risking his popularity, but he cannot do this alone. Again, PLEASE, sign, share, and speak, and not just today but often, letting Joe know you're supporting him but more importantly, that you desperately care about your child and grandchild and your neighbor's children, and worth every penny we have to spend. SIGN, SHARE, AND SPEAK FOR THEM

Joe Dorman, State Representative or

(800) 522-8502

(405) 557-7305 (Pam King, Legislative Assistant)

(405) 962-7667 (fax) 

(580) 476-3745 (home) 

PO Box 524  Rush Springs, OK 73082 or

2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.Room 54 Oklahoma City, OK 73105

And here is a list of all House Members who need to keep hearing their voices:

As well as a list of all Senate Members who must continually hear their cries:

This past month, which has felt like a lifetime for some, we have said a lot of prayers and shown a lot of care, but honestly, we've only just begun. If we look at this as a political issue, it will be easily discouraging and we'll give up, but it's not, it's far greater than any politician - they will come and go but our families are forever. Love is forever. SIGN, SHARE, & SPEAK <3


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