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Kathleen Donovan, Bergen County Executive

The 350 year old oak tree on Teaneck, NJ's main street, Cedar Lane, has a
long history and is beloved by residents and former residents. Over the years,
many people have fought to preserve the tree against developers who have tried
to cut it down, and just recently won recognition for the tree as a historic
site. We are now shocked to learn that Bergen County, which in 2010 was granted
the right to maintain the tree in perpetuity as a way to protect it from private
developers, has now completed an evaluation that declares the tree to be sick
and an immediate danger to the community. We concerned residents and
former residents demand that the demolition be halted and postponed while
outside, independent tree specialists are brought in to offer their opinions on
the tree's health and likelihood that it poses a threat to the community's


Tina Horowitz

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This tree has great importance to many people who grew up in Teaneck.


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