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The Romania Animal Rescue Craiova Spayathon was a huge success!   550 spays/neuters for dogs and cats, all dogs and cats, whether stray, from shelters or owned, were welcomed!  The new RAR van collected animals from local shelters as well as areas where many strays are located.  Thanks to Susy Utzinger's charity who worked hard and helped to sponsor this event, many animals were humanely captured and brought in from a neighboring village as well as from areas with large stray dog populations in Craiova.

Thank you to Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Dr. Petrisor Stefan, Dr. Irina Corbu, Dr.Roxana-Elena Stan , vet techs Ruth Osborne, Cosmina Vasile, Gwyneth Moreland, and  Laura.   Thank you to the great charity Sperantu Pentru Animale Craiova.  Thank you to Michael Monko and Susy Utzinger for such great photos!

Thank you to everyone who supported the project, including Romania Animal Rescue donors, Susy Utzinger, Animal Care Austria and Carol Byers, Dogs on Death Row, and Cats on Death Row.  550 animals were spayed/neutered, deparasited, pups were vaccinated, as well as many emergencies treated for the street animals.  Thank you to friends who traveled from all over the world to help by volunteering!  Bonnie Siddons, Gwyn Moreland and Mike Monko from the USA, friends from Germany and of course Switzerland.  And our wonderful friends who came from all over Romania to help with this massive mission of animal welfare.  Thank you to Mary Young for the extremely generous donation of Advantix and Revolution!  Thank you to Keith for your donations of Certifect and HeartGard.  The strays are so much healthier now thanks to you!

 The success was so outstanding that RAR is able to provide an additional 300 more free spays to Craiova, thus making the grand total for this Spayathon 850 animals who received free spay/neuter treatment.  Neuter or Spay!  No More Strays!  No More Suffering!  Now onto Bistrita, Tecuci, and so many other locations!  


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