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All animal lovers in the state of Georgia: Stop breed specific legislation in Georgia Petition by Stubby's Heroes

There is a member of the House of Representatives that was ready to propose naming "Pit Bulls" Dangerous Dogs in the state of Georgia. Some of the requirements for this type of law - Breed Specific Legislation  could include registrations for our dogs, expensive personal injury insurance, pricey fencing, and could end up with the requirement for our dogs to wear mandatory muzzles when out in public, and even mandatory sterilization, as some laws require.

All of this is Breed Specific Legislation. We advocates are vehemently opposed to any type of breed specific legislation, and urge you to sign the petition to send a message to our policy makers that we are voters and responsible caretakers, and that we are opposed to BSL. BSL does not target the core issue, but rather, impacts responsible owners such as ourselves.

Thank you to all lovers of the bully breeds. We really appreciate your support. Unfortunately, this petition is for Georgia residents only. We have to show our Georgia House of Representatives the power behind a voting majority in our state.

Stubby's Heroes


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