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Thousands and thousands abandoned dogs: abused, beaten, poisoned, giving birth to unwanted puppies, silently suffering on the streets of Romania. We all know the solution to end this problem: setting up national wide sterilization program, sustained from the public governmental funds, in collaboration with experienced vets from each region of Romania.  

Only one charity is not wealthy enough to afford sterilizing all the animals from a region of Romania. Due to lack of people education, some hide their dogs from being sterilized while others abandon the puppies on empty fields, throw them in trash bins or over the shelter' fencing, etc A constant number of un-sterilized animals give birth to puppies that grow to the age when they can produce themselves a new generation of street dogs.  

We all heard of the massive corruption in Romania. The lack of authorities' humane reaction regarding the strays' overpopulation in the last 25 years is not accidental. The financial benefits could be one of this lacks of reaction, which continued even when international personalities like Brigitte Bardot wanted to put own money into solving the problem humanely, decently – by sterilizing all the strays of Bucharest e.g. Being exposed to the public, international opinion the dogs slaughtering decreased.  

ROLDA works with two local veterinaries to sterilize and treat our rescued dogs. Considering that Galati' strays problem requires massive funding and the sincere cooperation from the authorities' side, plus enormous logistic efforts – to organize a successful sterilization campaign that will show results, we aim to provide free sterilizations for the dogs caught at the outskirt of the town, in the industrial sites, in Smardan village (where ROLDA signed a protocol with the Mayor that protect the sterilized and ear tag dogs from being catch and killed)  

Considering that both ROLDA shelters are in the vicinity of Smardan (the large shelter) and inside the village of Smardan (the Adoption Center), we also think we "owe" to the local people to help them sterilize their own pets and dogs roaming around because they show understanding when dogs disturbed often barking during their relaxation time or during nights.  

After hoping for years that we can do something for the entire region of Galati, we revised the whole plan. We are extremely grateful that the sterilizations costs are covered by the steel plant for the dogs catch from their premises.   We hope to raise funds to sterilize the approx 1800 dogs from the outskirt of Galati and Smardan village.

In the first phase, we want to sterilize 200 dogs and document this action with photos to all our donors and the public. We remind you that each sterilization costs 20 US$. We aim to raise 4000 $.

Of course you can donate any amount – smaller or bigger, every little count. Please specify it is for the sterilization campaign.  

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