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On February 12th, Karina Hansen was forcibly removed from her family's home by five police officers, two doctors, and two social workers. Karina is 24-years-old and suffers from a rare disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) is an horrendous and debilitating physical illness, which leaves the patient in terrible agony and extreme exhaustion. If the illness is mistreated, it can be fatal. 

Karina was taken to the Hammel Neurocenter and is being treated by Dr. Nils Balle Christensen without her permission. Despite her family's efforts, no information has been released about Karina's captivity, nor the treatments that she is being subjected to. Her family has not been allowed to see her for three months. 

Please sign this petition to demand Karina's release, effective immediately. 

You can also find us on: twitter @Kojakpeg, pinterest justice4karina, google + justice for Karina Hansen and linkedin. There is also a fuller explanation of me/cfs which the Danish Doctors, treating Karina, should have read, is in the link below.

Facebook page, Justice for Karina

 Here is a video about severely ill me/cfs patients like Karina


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