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   In 2011 Linden Labs banned the Second Life account Rycon Bamaisin(a fur), his account Bradley Edwardstone, striped him of his linden balance and inventory, and mac/ip banned his computer. Why? Because Linden Labs feels it's their right to side-step the democratic system they put in place for their residents and make an example of someone who indeed is not human or follow their way of thinking.

   On November 2nd, 2011 Rycon received a large amount of linden from another resident named Sunflower Resident(no longer active). These transactions of large amounts of linden took place four times before Linden Labs started the process of banning. The account owner of Rycon called Linden Labs and asked them what was going on and they immediatly asked for his ID, contact information and any evidence that might help his case. This information was submitted and immediatly apon completion, the account was banned and so was his computer.

   Inquerying further, Linden Labs told Rycon's owner that the case had been turned over to a Linden that works outside of Second Life and is a known furry hater. When asked to speak with this person, Linden Labs hung up on him. I know this information because I lived in his house as a room mate when all of this happened. I myself inquired about the case and was told that it was  in my best interests to mind my own business or my account would also be banned for the same reasons.

   I'm here today for Rycon's owner seeking 300,000 signatures to show Linden Labs they can't threaten everyone with their corperate power and get away with it. 100,000 signatures gets the account looked at again(or so I'm told) and 300,000 signatures shows that enough people care to want to help get the account back.


Matthew Vacanti

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How this will help

If Linden Labs has ever wronged you in any way, shape or form including banning your accounts or doing things that are unethnical, this petition is for you.

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