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American Fork City

Chicken Ordinance

Last year the city passed an ordinance allowing backyard chickens but HEAVILY restricting them.

This ordinance goes into effect August 2013, and if enforced, will make chicken ownership very difficult for most people.

We Need Your Help to get this changed! ·  

  • We are organizing an email campaign to the city council to express our concerns ·  
  • Please join us and send an email to the below addresses ·  
  • In your own words let them know your opinion 
 Here are our concerns: 
  1. The ordinance limits the amount of chickens you can have to 6 based on your property size. Solution:We want this increased to at least 10 based on larger property sizes
  2. The ordinance requires a coop to be at least 15 feet from any property line and 6 feet from any dwelling.  Solution:We want this eliminated.  We feel that along a fence or under a deck is a natural place to put chickens.
  3. The ordinance does not allow chickens to roam outside of the pen or coop.  Solution:We want this changed to allow chickens to roam within a fenced yard.
  4. In the event that there is a violation, the ordinance allows for a $75.00 fine to be levied.  Solution:We feel this is unduly high and that the fine should be much less ($25.00).

Please email the five city council members below:  (let them know your opinion)

Brad Frost – [email protected]

Craig Nielsen - [email protected]

Heidi Rodeback - [email protected]

Robert Shelton - [email protected]

Clark Taylor - [email protected]

Please also copy me on your email - [email protected]

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