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Big Deal Now you are in Jail, We know how you were made A scapegoat so that they can trade, The same soul which you haven't Agreed to sell. For the sheer fact, that you were honest And always have been righteous, cause that is how, you were bred. Having accompanied Lt. Dad and Sri. Sunil Dutt, In his drive all around the Arthur Jail, So that he can feel closer to you. WE ARE UNDER OATH TO BRING JUSTICE AT ITS KNEES AND MAKE ALL OF EM PAY, COS, IN A NATION WHERE RAPISTS RULE IN PARLIAMENTS, NO ONE, NO ONE, WHO IS MAN ENOUGH. HAS BALLS TO POINT A FINGER ON YOU. KEEPING A GUN TO PROTECT YOURSELF IS A GLOBAL RIGHT, I OWN A 9MM AND THE DAY I WILL HAVE MONEY I WILL GO FOR, KALASHNIKOVA, WITHOUT A DOUBT. 


Aalok Biswas

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How this will help

its your right and you have to fight


wait till you are a victim of fame too.

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