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33 months after a catastrophic earthquake, and over 11,000.00 quakes in total.. 

 (YES.. OVER ELEVEN THOUSAND EARTHQUAKES IN 33 MONTHS) and the people of Canterbury New Zealand are still not able to bypass the New Zealand Earthquake Commission Bureaucracy enabling them to deal directly with their insurers. 

There was no & still is no efficient nor effective policy or procedure in place, ensuring identification & acceptable help for victims most vulnerable during & post natural disasters. It is now of grave concern to the people of Canterbury, that Human Rights boundaries have now been excessively exceeded, as we witness our elderly dying in third world living conditions, with no means to heat their homes, secure their homes, and many now facing 'RED ZONE' expulsion of their homes as of July this year, with no guarantee of replacement accommodation. There is very little & insufficient emergency housing -/-accommodation been built since the September 2010 earthquakes. This is now viewed from many as 'Government Orchestrated Genocide of our Elderly' Thousands of family members are endlessly living in squalled, 3rd world conditions, where black mould grows within their homes, bedrooms pool with water, sewerage systems remain dysfunctional, doors & windows are unable to be opened -/- shut, vital heating systems remain un-replaced, and family violence, separations and chronic illness has now escalated in both parents and their children. . The people of Canterbury have been 'HOGTIED' by bureaucracy disabling them to deal directly with their insurers. There has been no intervention by the Government to change this policy, allowing Insured persons to deal with their Insurance companies, and then allowing the Insurance Companies to then 'claw back' required monies from EQC. As a direct result of this badly written & completely ineffective Government Policy, many families (Thousands of people) here in Canterbury, are still, after 33 months of extreme hardship, no further ahead in their quest to regain their lives. Still fighting bureaucracy on a daily basis, and having endured under qualified EQC driven initial assessments from assessors employed by EQC who had 5 days training & most had not had any previous building / structural training. This policy, which disarms New Zealand Citizens, HOGTYING them to Fletcher Building contracts, must change urgently, before more elderly die, more children become gravely ill, more families break up, violence cause by stress escalates beyond control, and severe PTSD health issues develop in our children.. Our next generation!! 

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