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100 Miles for Dagbé

On June 29, Josh Dickson will run 100 miles to raise money for Dagbé, the only organization that provides permanent care for children in crisis situations in central Benin, West Africa. Founded by University of Michigan alumnus and Peace Corps volunteer Sebastian Seromik, Dagbé is a critical community resource and just a small donation goes a long, long way.

Josh is running so Dagbé can positively impact as many children and families as possible. He is aiming to raise $1000 or more to contribute to the great work happening in central Benin, and he needs your help.

100 Miles for Dagbé aims to get 100 sponsors – one per mile – to partner in this effort to expand Dagbé's impact. 100% of all proceeds go directly towards community efforts in central Benin.

Please join our 100 Miles for Dagbé Team by sponsoring a mile! You can donate any amount and you can choose a specific mile to sponsor as well. You can also see the direct impact of your donation for different levels of sponsorship, as well as the impact of our collective efforts.

To sponsor a mile:

  1. Please select your donation option at the right.
  2. If you want to sponsor a specific mile, please include the mile in this page's comment section.
  3. If you would like for your donation to be anonymous, please check the appropriate box during the payment process.
  4. SHARE the page with your friends! Help us surpass our goal!

Your donation will not only go a long way toward improving the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, victims of abuse, child trafficking, and extreme poverty in Benin; it will also assist Josh in his mission to run to make the world a better place.

Here's a quick look at the impact of our collective efforts for different sponsorship levels. 

If we raise $500, Dagbé can:

  • send 10 children to school for one year OR
  • provide water for the entire children's home for one year

If we raise $1000, Dagbé can:

  • cover costs related to following up with victims of child trafficking after they have been reunited with their families OR
  • pay for three months of our social enterprise apprenticeship program, providing youth in central Benin an opportunity to learn a trade

If we raise $1500, Dagbé can:

  • provide permanent care (shelter, food, clothing, healthcare) for 20 children for one month OR
  • sponsor an anti-trafficking training seminar to educate the community on how to prevent, identify, and respond to cases of child trafficking

If we raise $2000, Dagbé can:

  • provide food, clothing, and general care for all of the children's home's beneficiaries for an entire month.

If we raise $2500, Dagbé can:

  • provide healthcare for all of Dagbé's beneficiaries for an entire year OR
  • provide birth certificates for 250 children, helping protect them against child trafficking and giving them the opportunity to enroll in school.
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