Sign the Petition to Janice Cottrill

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John Potter of Zaleski, Ohio is facing certain eviction from his home. Potter, 91, granted power of attorney to his daughter, Janice Cottrill after he became ill in 2004. Janice Cottrill then used this power of attorney to sign the deed to Mr. Potters property to herself which is in fact not legal in the state of Ohio. However, the state ruled that since the statute of limitations on the decision to grant Mrs. Cottrill the deed to the property had run out, the state of Ohio could not rescind Mrs. Cottrills ownership of the property. She has since issued a notice to vacate the premises to Mr. Potter in an attempt to fully secure the property. Mr. Potter, as mentioned, is 91 years old and only wishes to remain in his home. His grand daughter, Jaclyn Fraley, is assisting Mr. Potter in efforts to retain the property.  We ask that you support Mr. Potter in this at every level possible to include signing this petition to allow Mr. Potter to retain ownership of his home.


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