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Support affordable homeownership in California by supporting AB 1024, which removes unnecessary barriers to cooperative ownership of land and homes. Together, we request that Governor Brown sign the bill and allow cooperative ownership to grow in California!

Cooperative homeownership gathers people and resources together to create affordable, self-governed communities. Especially now, after foreclosure and debt have put homeownership out of reach for many Americans, we need to allow for collaboration and the creative use of limited resources -- and enable people to pursue affordable alternatives to the expensive housing market.

Sign this petition to tell Governor Brown that you want cooperative housing to be a viable option for everyone in California.

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For more information:

  • The Sustainable Economies Law Center, which helped write the bill, says this: "Housing cooperatives lower the barrier to property ownership, and create an important vehicle for the creation and preservation of affordable housing. AB 1024 would remove three of the most significant barriers to the cooperative ownership of housing and facilitate the operation of smaller housing cooperatives." Get more details here.

People and organizations supporting AB 1024:

Norma Torres, now State Senator (D-32), former California Assembly member (D-52)

Sustainable Economies Law Center

California Center for Cooperative Development

Bay Area Community Land Trust

East Bay Cooperative Housing Coalition

San Francisco Community Land Trust

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