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Support MAMI's efforts to protect families from prison profiteers.

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How this will help

Take the to pledge put families first! We are the safety net of support for each other when a crisis strikes. The traumatic impact of losing a family member to incarceration can harm a child, and leaves an empty space in the community that we must work together to fill. It is our duty as citizens, friends and neighbors to support these families and help navigate them towards resources, and uplift, and not to merely judge or criticize the offender for what happened wrong. 

How to pledge:

If you are connected or related to a currently incarcerated person, you can take simple actions that support the mission, such as phone calls, posting bail, making a visit to a facility, contributing financial support, a hug, or even just offering your post-release support to a friend. This makes a huge difference in the life of someone who is grappling with the often traumatic and stressful impact of incarceration or a pending case. The humanity and humility in forgiveness can strengthen us all. If you are not directly connected to someone in jail or prison, please keep in mind that we work together via MAMI communications to effectively advocate for change on a broader level and you can support the cause by becoming a member, which is confirmed by simply "liking" our MAMI fan page. To find out more, check out our Facebook page
You can also complete the pledge by sharing this page on your timeline or groups, and talking to people you know about MAMI's mission. 

If you commit to this pledge, we encourage you to share with us your story here on about what action you took, and how it impacted you or the people you reached out to. Also, don't forget to sign and share our petition (10,000 strong is our goal!) and stay posted on updates for coming actions. Look out for upcoming opportunities to collaborate, strategize, and mobilize on drafting legislation for parent's rights in our criminal in-justice system.

Thank you for your continued support!


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