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This petition is to help keep the Najarro family together. Geovanny is being punished for wanting to be with his wife and kids who are as well being punished for being a loving family. His 7 year old suffers without his papi he sees other kids his age being able to play ball and other activities with their fathers, he does not understand why his papi can not be with him. How ever he is not aloud to be cause his father is from another country. The separation has caused a lot of pain and suffering, and he has taken his papi's deportation very hard and has been having problems learning in school because of it , even the teacher's agree that he has changed a lot since his papi was made to leave the family. his 12year old daughter is growing up and going through the changes of teenage years and need her papi more then ever, she battles so many emotions and is a great child just wanting to be with her papi. His wife, well she is being punished for simply falling in love, she has some health problems and has been forced to struggle to be the sole provider for her famiy, this day in age it takes 2 in a household to make it. Geovanny has been a great father to his children and loving wife. he has never been in any trouble or never caused any problems, just worked and came home to his family until one day he never got to make it home, and has been separated for 2 years now.  This famiy has been ripped apart and only contact is through video or phone calls. 1 time in the past 2 years they were able to be reunited, they had to sell everything they owned to go visit, the 7 year old got real sick while over there so traveling there is not an easy optionas well as cost. im asking everyone to please get this story out and help reunite this family....Geovanny is currently at the Adelanto Detention Facility awaiting his deportation


Kristie Hernandez

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To help keep Geovanny from deportation


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