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Alpha for the Military, a ministry of Alpha USA, is requesting your partnership to ensure our military and their families have the opportunity to hear the Gospel in a compelling, unforced way.  Alpha for the Military is therefore seeking to develop the infrastructure to sustain several full and part-time staff people who have experience in military culture to be an ongoing presence in the cities and towns nearest our military installations.  These are communities where many of our soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and their families live, and we would like to assist the local churches in those areas to be more effective at reaching out to them.  To do this, we are going to need your prayers, assistance, and partnership. 

Our troops and their families have been stretched to the limit with multiple deployments in recent years, and in recent months, it has become clear that sharing the Christian faith, while always under threat of losing traction, may still be done even on posts and bases, as long as it is in a non-mandatory, hospitable, and loving environment, the very ethos of Alpha.  The Alpha Course just happens to meet the Pentagon's requirements for the difference between evangelism and proselytization.  Alpha also has the most effective track record as a method of evangelism in recent memory, with 60,000 churches of every major denomination hosting 20 million guests so far worldwide.  On an Alpha Course, everyone is afforded the opportunity both to hear and to respond to the Gospel in an environment of mutual respect.  

However, in addition to offering Alpha courses on posts and bases, it is also our goal to mobilize local churches in communities with large military and veteran populations.  We would like to have local staff train churches to run the Alpha Course, the Marriage Course, the Parenting Course, and Youth Alpha.  This will increase our service to those who serve in the military, as well as to their families who live among us, as we share the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and our very lives as well.

Please consider becoming a partner in our efforts to support the military community which has served us so well.  It's definitely time we gave back, not only through material support, but through spiritual support and loving community as well.  Would you prayerfully consider getting engaged with this ministry and share in our effort to surround these families with loving Christian community?

To join our team, please consider making a donation as a part of this campaign, and please stay informed: by liking our Facebook page,; by following us on Twitter @alpha4military; and by finding out more at our website,

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