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Florida's Attorney General

Purebred Breeders (866-592-5322) buys sick puppies from puppy mills for dirt cheap prices and sells them to unsuspecting clients with a 100% - 250% price increase and clean bill of health!  Purebred Breeders doesn’t honor their lifetime guarantee on their dogs nor do they return your phone calls or look to resolve your issue. They own over 150 domains on the internet, so you think you might be buying from a reputable breeder, but in reality you’re buying from this heartless money-hungry company who has no morals or values! This company has nothing but bad reviews online, just Google their name or phone number (given) and you will see for yourself. Please help spread the word about this company before another animal suffers and/or another family is destroyed by the loss of their beloved pet.


Cynthia Vincent

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Animals are suffering because of this greedy company! They need to be shutdown. Google them and see how many animals they've harmed. 


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