Sign the Petition to Chief Of The Philippines National Police- Director General- Nicanor .A. Bartolome & Department of The Interior and Local Government Manuel Roxas II (DILG)

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Please Sign this Petition-So that we can stop this cruel and evil torture of Animals -We demand that Cristi Ponti be punished for the brutality she has inflicted upon  Innocent Animals-This woman has a Slaughterhouse, where she is filmed brutalising Animals, skinning them alive,torturing them,bashing them with poles, skewering them alive, using knives & all sizes of choppers.She then sells the video footage and pictures, on youtube,her website (that seems to have been removed?)-You can ask her to perform which ever torture you wish, and she will oblige for the money- Please sign this Petition and let us get her closed down, and we ask that she be prosecuted for her crimes against Animals & Public Decency- Thank you-


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