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Our Pets Are Not Property.

Help End Veterinarian Malpractice State By State.

US law categorizes our pets as “chattel” property. At the present time, the judicial system limits the responsibility of veterinary practitioners to restitution of the purchase price, or replacement value, of the animal whose suffering, and in many cases death, was directly caused by malpractice.  

I have written a bill called "Lucky's Law." This bill, if passed into law will help protect our companions from negligent vets by holding them accountable for the harm caused by their malpractice. 

Lucky’s Law is dedicated to the memory of my beloved cat Lucky, who needlessly died because of an incompetent veterinarian. Lucky was my family and was loved beyond measure. No expense was spared in the care of his well being.

Be the voice of the voiceless and tell government, “our pets are not property”, and that we demand legislation that holds all medical professionals accountable!

Please join me in the fight. A supporter recently said to me: “They bury their mistakes. Don’t let them get away with it.”

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Marzena Golonka

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If you agree that your pet is family and/or you've lost a pet due to vet malpractice or negligence.


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