Sign the Petition to Director of New Mexico Game & Fish Department, Fish and wildlife managers nationwide.

Dear Director:

We ask that you and other Game & Fish Directors across America put a stop to the cruel, inhumane practice of animal trapping. We're asking you to take a leadership role in this and let your fellow wildlife managers be aware:

1. We ask that you stop supporting the practice of trapping in the State Legislature of New Mexico when called to testify, and that your peers cease similar activity in their states.

2. Begin to phase out new trapping licenses. This practice will end.

3. Eliminate issuance of trapping licenses completely by 2015 in New Mexico. Ask your peers to follow your lead.


Bold Visions Conservation

As you read this, hundreds of animals have their foot, shattered and mangled in a foothold trap, or are slowly choking to death in conibear traps.

Thousands of animals are suffering unthinkable pain and anguish, EVERY DAY. They're frightened beyond hope, and in horrible pain. Their savior will show up in a day or two or three, to murder them, and finally end their anguish.The people whose job it is to manage wildlife for ALL PEOPLE use their position purely to help that very small population of trappers: it's time they heard from the rest of us!

Please Sign the petition and visit the Bold Visions Conservation website:

We need YOU and 250,000 other concerned people across the planet to take on this issue with us: wild creatures belong to the earth, not to the few deranged individuals that think animals are for killing, and for killing alone.


Bold Visions Conservation is YOUR representative. We will fight these departments on your behalf, and we'll fight with every resource available. We will start with the New Mexico Game and Fish Department, and use what we learn to work with groups across America to stop barbaric trapping, once and for all!


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