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Spay or neuter my pet by four months of age

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We want to get 10,000 people to agree to fix their puppy or kitten by 4 months.

Figuring 50% of litters are accidents and the average litter size of a cat is 3 kittens and the average litter size of a dog is 2 puppies we can prevent countless unwanted litters by one simple action. Click here to find low cost spay/neuter clinics near you. 

Show that you are part of Spay/Neuter Nation and join us! Already fixed your pet? Still sign up for the pledge to show you did it!  

                                                             Get the facts! 

  • Yes! Spay/Neuter is safe and easy. Spaying and neutering your pet at an earlier age is safer, easier, and less stressful on them.  We've done thousands of early age s/n's at Humane Alliance-check out our video here
  • Surprise! Cats and dogs can get pregnant earlier than most people think. Although there are always variations, cats can have their first heat as early as 4 months old, and dogs can have their first heat as early as 5 to 6 months old; and if they can come into heat, they can get pregnant! With 50% of litters being accidents, you can see how unwanted litters can add up quickly.
  • Yuck! Spaying/neutering early helps eliminate annoying behaviors like spraying, roaming, yowling, and fighting. Not to mention stopping heat cycles. 
  • Yikes! 10 million homeless animals enter overcrowded shelters every year.What you may not realize is that for each planned or "accidental" puppy or kitten you sell or have to give away, one more well-behaved, healthy shelter animal could be euthanized instead of adopted. In some shelters, up to 75% of all incoming animals have to be euthanized to make room for more. And in some shelters, 25% of the animals are purebred!  Please think twice before breeding your cute pet in hopes of getting a beautiful replica. Your animal is one of a kind, and their offspring will have their own distinct personalities. Those great personalities are already waiting for you in a shelter. Go and find them!


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