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Human Rights Watch , Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization , United Nations Human Rights Council , Amnesty International

  1. Release the baloch missing persons
  2. Stop the kill and dump process of baloch students and activists
  3. Stop extrajudicial killings of Baloch nation
  4. Stop the military operations in Balochistan
  5. Remove the Frontier Corps unlawful checkposts in Balochistan
  6. Stop enforced disappearances of baloch 
  7. Stop Funding and aiding death squads who are involved in killing and torturing process of Baloch
  8. Remove the paramilitary forces from Balochistan who are involved in killing ,torturing , degrading , disrespecting , kidnapping , harassing and threatening the Baloch people daily .
  9. Stop killing and degrading the religious minorities like Hindus , Christians and other religious communities present .
  10. Stop the sectarian violence against the Hazara shia minority
  11. Stop Racism against the Baloch nation 
  12. Stop converting Baloch a minority in their own areas 
  13. Stop the genocide of Baloch Nation
  14. Sending a team to Balochistan for assessing the Human Rights Situation and taking serious action against the responsible 


میر بلوچ

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How this will help

The people should sign to show support in our legitimate cause . Baloch and other communities in Balochistan should have their Human Rights .


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