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My name is Ken, and I am participating in my first IronMan triathlon this year. The race is 140.6 miles long. I thought since I would be suffering all day, it should be for something. So I am trying to help raise funds for Animals Asia, who rescue and care for bears who have been suffering their entire lives.

Bear bile farming is legal in China. The bears are often kept in horrific conditions, and are subjected to what can only be described as torture. Animals Asia is working to end this torture through consumer education and government lobbying efforts and is providing sanctuary to bears rescued from bile farms in both China and Vietnam.

I also have a very personal connection. My partner, Mandala, will be leaving the week after my race to work as a vet at the Chengdu, China sanctuary. So not only is this a great cause, it means a lot to me personally.

I am asking for donations based on the number of miles I will be racing. The race, as I mentioned, is 140.6 miles. Please take a moment to consider donating something per mile - 10 cents per mile is only $14.06, $1 per mile is $140.60. A penny per mile is only $1.41 out of your pocket, but if a thousand people donated only a penny per mile... We can do real good.

Keep in mind, the race is June 23, 2013!

Thank you for your time, and please visit for more information on their organization and th work they do.

You can also visit to learn a little bit more about me!

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