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Dear Book Harvest friends,

Growing up, my summers were filled with wild things and words woven into webs and spy catcher clubs and, later, intriguing characters with names like Tumnus and Frankweiler, Boo Radley and Bilbo Baggins.  BOOKS -- and plenty of them -- were my sustenance and my joy during the long weeks of summer vacation.  

I want the same thing for every child in our community.  That wish is at the heart of Book Harvest's Books on Break program.  

Books on Break gives a book-filled summer to kids who need books.  This year, we will partner with a dozen elementary schools in Durham, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro to enable kids on free and reduced lunch to select 10 books each to take home and keep for their very own during the last week of the school year.  

  • With just $17, you can enable a child to take part in Books on Break, selecting 10 books to take home and keep for her very own.  
  • A gift of $51 will send three children home with books over the summer.  
  • An entire class of kids can select 10 books each to take home and keep for a donation of $425!

The more funds we raise, the more children we can reach -- helping each of them have a summer filled with imagination and special places and adventure, even if they never leave home.

Books on Break is a terrific bargain.  Just $17 gives a child the tools to combat summer learning loss and to help her return to school in the fall ready to resume learning where she left off in the spring.  At a cost of $17 per child, we can't afford not to supply kids with ten books each!

Can you join me in donating to Book Harvest's Books on Break campaign? 

We hope to raise $3,400 with this campaign – enough to provide 200 children with home libraries.  Every dollar you donate is tax-deductible and will help us nourish young minds over the long weeks of summer.

Thank you for considering this request!

Wishing you and children everywhere a summer filled with books,

Ginger Young

Founder and Executive Director

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