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Do one nice action for another person, With out expecting anything in return.

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How this will help

This planet needs more good in it. So I've created this so people can pledge to do at least one thing good. That one thing can be anything from buying someone a cup of a coffee to driving someone to work. That's all you have to do is do one good thing, It doesn't matter the size of that one thing just as long as it's good. It will help you feel better for doing something good and it will make the person your doing it for feel good because someone has done good for them.

Things you can do:Buy Someone a Coffee/Donut

Drive someone to Work or School

Listen to what's on their mind

Make them smile/laugh

Offer to help them with pretty much anything, If it's in your power to do it then do it. It doesn't have to be some huge thing - It's just one person doing something kind for another person and not expecting them to repay them for it. Now you don't have to do anything, You can still pledge for this you don't have to rush into it you can just do it when ever time permits it. It's just a way to make some ones day better.

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