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Why?? Why?? Why?? Why we are destroying our home..?? Do you people have any answer for this for what you are doing ? I tell you " you have no answer" because You are the only one destroying it not saving it. Woke up guys...!!! Its our home where we live, grow , love each other etc. The people who are cutting tree for there selfish deeds. Can't you see those trees is our world,  without those we can't survive. Our lives depend on those forests. Cutting trees doesn't help us.The people who are populating our earth , will some day nature will only destroy us. Many animals like tiger, lion, peacock, etc are in danger. Help those to remain in this earth. They have right to live among us.The earth so more to discover , that we also don't know. It has many hidden secrets that we don't know till now. Beautiful mountains (Mt. Everest), beautiful rivers ( river Nile), beautiful seas and oceans (Pacific , Atlantic oceans etc.), wonderful monuments ( Taj Mahal), Animals, birds, marine animals, etc perserve them. If we will help them to live they will make our life beautiful. If we don't then nature only destroys us. So guys wake up. Don't sleep. Look forward to it.


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