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Los Angeles Homeless City wolf needs help. Domesticated in a car and apt from Colorado to Los Angeles. The wolf is a 3 year old male. His Dad is an Alaskan Timber wolf and his mother is a Red Wolf. The owner and daughter are homeless and been looking for work living in a car. The mom found work 3 days a week finally but at $8.00 an hour while daughter in school. They received a few hotel county vouchers but the bed bugs got the best of them. Hotels do not take a dog much less a wolf. No human shelter will take the wolf with the owner.The wolf named Nikko lost his partner-dog and pups to a rescue and is very depressed. He was recently given to a family that promised to take good care of him for a week and they kept him in the heat on the side of the house where he was malnourished and waterless. He lost a lot of weight. The owner decided to live in the car and not give up little wolf Nikko to anyone again. Prior to this no dog shelter would take in the wolf instead he would have been put down.  Nikko also lived in a small cage for 8 months and then tied up in east L.A. He cannot go to a wolf rescue as he has been domesticated and would not survive with other wild wolves. He is not socialized yet. He does well in a car or home but can jump fences. It is a very sad story as so many are. I have 4 rescues already (3 in need of some surgery so my animal bills are maxed), 2two college boys at home and taking care of my  81 year old mom but this issue I will not turn away from. To save a beautiful creature as he was sent my way for some reason. I am asking for financial support for Nikko;s needs for a vet as he had parvo once, has not ever had shots of any kind or ever visited a vet., needs certain nutrition differ from a domestic dog, needs a traveling cage, tags, bedding and whatever else wolves need. He is very skinny and has a slight leg paralysis as he was in a cage for some time. I really need to help this family and hope you may find it in your heart too. I am doing  so much to make him feel alive and bring his spirit back. Nikko has never been to  a field or woods. He only knows the city and east L.A. hood. I took Nikko to the woods in Calabasas and found a creek and here is where his spirit returned as a wolf. He had never seen a deer and fresh running water. I feel so bad for him. He is very sweet but a scared wolf needing all the help he can get.  Please contact me at : [email protected] or [email protected] Funding to support Nikko the city wolf can be sent by check for now to : Rebecca Ferratti 531 A. North Hollywood way Ste 122 Burbank. Ca 91505  All  receipts of Nikko funding will be transparent to you.  I will be adding a facebook page in care of Nikko  the city wolf for all to view his weekly progress.


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