Sign the Petition to Heads and Elders of all Spiritual Traditions and Religions.致 所有宗教傳統的元首與長老們

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The purchase of Blood Ivory for Religious purposes is the main cause of Elephant slaughter by poachers.  Every year 30,000+ elephants are killed for their ivory. Nearly 90 percent of the ivory that is traded globally goes to China and Thailand and The Philippines where economic success and the use of images made from Ivory for use by religious organizations has fueled demand.                                                                        There is an URGENT need for the Sangha and Laity of all Buddhist traditions especially in China, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore and all Buddhist and Daoist communities around the world to support these goals, 

 Additionally the Catholic Church, especially in the Philippines, is also a major destination for poached Ivory products.  Clergy and Laity are requested to support our aims

It is also of note that there are recent reports of Militant Islamic poachers in Africa killing Elephants to raise funds to purchase arms and equip their fighters. It is ironic that members of Islam would be killing animals for profit to provide Ivory which is highly likely to be made into the very religious Idols and Statues proscribed by their beliefs. 

The demand for  Ivory for Religious Statues and Idols are the leading cause of Elephant poaching!   Don't be idle.....Stop using Idols made from Ivory!                                                                                 Don't be Devoted to killing Elephants!.Don't use Blood Ivory! 

                                                                                                                               Help us! Join us!  We need a million people who care!                                            Due to the recent rapid large scale escalation of massacre of Elephants.. EXTREMELY URGENT.                                                                               因宗教目的而購買血象牙,是大象被盜獵者屠宰的主要原因。 每年有超過30,000頭大象被殘忍殺害,只為了取走牠們的象牙! 近90%全球交易的象牙進入了中國、泰國和菲律賓,在那些經貿發達重鎮, 正因其各宗教組織使用由象牙製成的形象物而助長了血象牙的市場需求。 現在,這理有一個急迫的呼籲與請求, 給所有佛教傳統的僧眾和信徒們; 尤其是中國、泰國、台灣和新加坡的佛教徒們, 及所有的佛、道教遍佈世界各地的社區居民,大家來一起支援這些行動目標。  此外,天主教教會;特別是在菲律賓,也是象牙產品的主要傾銷地。 神職人員和信徒們都請一同來支持我們的目標! 值得注意的是,近期有報導指出, 激進的伊斯蘭教盜獵者在非洲大肆捕殺大象, 以籌集資金添購武器和裝備給他們的戰士。 但諷刺的是,伊斯蘭教的成員為了獲利而去殺害動物, 其供應的象牙,卻極可能被用來製作成各種宗教的偶像, 包括他們自己的信仰體系都禁止在內的神像產品。 用於宗教的象牙雕像、神像的需求,是導致大象被大量盜獵的首要原因! 請您立即執行以下愛大象行動: 1.停止使用象牙製的神像! 2.不因宗教奉獻而捕殺大象! 3.不使用血象牙! 幫助我們!加入我們! 我們需要百萬人的關注! 有鑑於近期頻繁的大規模象群屠殺...象命迫在眉睫!! 


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