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INTRODUCTION The importance of voting in democratic environment. -Man kind created different ways to manage a group of people settled in a given territory, since democracy is an institution accepted and perfected over the course of time. Assuming a Democracy can work in a state of law where citizens have shelter to think and choose freely, for the option you want to govern it by a certain time.Citizenship in democratic regimes expresses it as a duty civic or moral that is exercised in the act of voting for their candidate and proposal, or not vote as free expression of choice, the vote will not be abstention constitutes also reflected in the final results or counting of votes on the universe of persons registered to cast vote.In the world there are various ways and mechanisms to reach and run an election act. All are based on an order finally which accepts the winner to complete the necessary votes tor each the top of the just elective.TOPIC PRESENTATION VOTE.The vote is the representation of the individual who defrayed by the candidate of YOUR PREFERENCE.VOTE means that in the event there is a free and vices of any nature, WILL pay (or not) in the plebiscite. A Vote a citizen, because behind the vote there is a PERSON worthy, skilled by right.Abstention is a voting form must also be respected and counted as such by the agencies that monitor and control the vote,given that means that candidates would not or could not get to meet the expectations of citizens who do not feel represented by their political platforms. The Abstention is a NO VOTE that has the same range of value that the Vote. The implication of the other abstention is important as a measure of apathy participatory you can move the foundations of the political formations that fail connect with the voting public.MODIFICATION AND VOTE ABDUCTION."The exercise of power is a delight so strong that the mind bends and twists reason. "In countries with respect to democracy, which maintain the separation of powers as a way of balancing the exercise of power in a state;the fair election mechanisms are made with the same momentum and heat in the regimes that have direct or indirect interference on the Administration of Justice. The qualitative difference is that the former have a unalloyed respect for judicial decisions and the latter do not have a legal umbrella to ensure citizens' rights.This means that systems that do not have an Administration of Justice interference free party politics, elections are always a big question mark on the winner of the fair election mechanisms. Remain anecdote for presidential candidates in election period, re-election(Or dolphin candidate of the forces that took control of the power of government) who had the extraordinary figure of 98% of votes.These are the ever swelling numbers contrast with the true will of the potential voters because of the tangle of intrigue that the government expressly exercises shift to confiscate citizen's individual decision. Such outrage against the popular will is accepted by the international community as valid under the weak argument to respect the sovereignty of nations or for convenience of various kinds.Multiple regimes have shifted in their modus vivendi to remain in power going to the file to manipulate the vote-citizen and do appear as your own. This plot orchestrated from the top public authorities with the acquiescence of the bodies responsible for the elective and fair administration of justice, it is an offense that can not be pursued within a regime that controls the power election, the judiciary, the legislature and the executive branch. Because for one definition is stronger than the power of the State would exercise so great vote manipulation free will.If the vote is a value, then it should be preserved a minimum of time in its original version in order to be tested for possible crimes. The votes should be retained for a reasonable time, whether physical,electronic, digital or a combination of one or more voting systems.The care and preservation of the vote is a state responsibility that call selections and accountability may be forwarded to third parties.WARRANT TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY The vote being a reference indissoluble permanence of values democratic in an organized society it is the duty of the community ensure international free expression and decision-abiding citizen to provide support to those who will meet their aspirations. Is therefore is essential to restrict undemocratic practices that reduce will of the citizen to a mere party elected where their vote is being manipulation aimed at maintaining the status-quo of those who do than to deny the truth to voters. It is an act of pure racism manipulation hard by a clique that supplants the will popular decisions they want to make her look that favor the state in question. If the state they are, then how to call for fair election mechanisms? which only serve to fill the window and fulfill with the canons of coexistence in the international arena. It's time the international community to assume its role of preserving the common good of the people who see supplanted his will. That the rulers winners .Winners are not only legal, but are also winners legitimate.The remedy can be converted to CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, modify the vote-null-white-abstention, inflating the number of voters, supplanting identities, identities multiply, do the dead vote.Put pressure on labor racketeering, social or economic.Because change the votes for personal gain means a tort damage and offense to all men because it violates their intimate decision.Because it is an organized attack systematically applied to the generality of the inhabitants, constituting offense based on political reasons a strong racial component, so should be considered CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

Rolando Lovo 20131. - Hosni Mubarak of Egypt swept the elections of 28 November2010, crossed out by the opposition as fraudulent.Two. - Teodoro Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea, reelected in 2009 for a 5thpresidential term with 95% of votes.Three. - Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria reelected to a third term with 90% ofvotes.April. - Paul Kagame, Rwanda Reelected in 2010 with 93% of votes.May. - Juan Pereda Asbún sui generis won elections in Bolivia. The vote swere resulting in greater numbers than registered voters.


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