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INDEPENDENCE DAY 2013 came and went and Congress did not deliver a lasting tribute to those who served during the Vietnam War and Era as well as their families by enacting March 29th Vietnam Veterans Day. Now that the nation had a chance to reflect on the significance of our freedoms and hopefully on the sacrifice and service of those who deliver and defend it. We ask our representatives in Congress to move forward and deliver this long overdue expression of gratitude and respect .  

Each of the 58,286 honored on “The Vietnam Wall” and who "No longer have a voice or a choice" and their families deserve 1000s of voices demanding that their sacrifice not be forgotten. Those who came home with the physical and emotional wounds from the Vietnam War, those who already left us since then (with many as a consequence of that War), and their respective families also deserve to have their sacrifice and service remembered in perpetuity.

The Vietnam Veteran's children/grandchildren have lived through their parents/grandparents own rollercoaster of emotions, it will help them also heal and be better at dealing with what life delivers them knowing that their parents have found a way to heal and claim the honor and gratitude that is rightfully theirs and delivered on BEHALF OF A GRATEFUL NATION.

We need to deliver MARCH 29th VIETNAM VETERANS DAY "FOREVER" before any more of our brothers and sisters as well as our families and friends pass on and are deprived from experiencing it.

IT WILL HELP HEAL OUR NATION and give hope and assurance to our current and future generations of our country's defenders and their families that their sacrifice and service will not be forgotten. Many of those who have served our country since the Vietnam War and are now serving are children and grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans, delivering March 29th Vietnam Veterans Day will be uplifting  and a special thank you to them.  

There no legislation introduced in this session of Congress and we need to motivate both Senators and Representatives to introduce legislation to establish March 29th
Vietnam Veterans Day "FOREVER"

Because of a 1995 Rule of the U.S. House of Representatives (No bills
introduced for commemorative days) and after the Korean Veterans Day was
passed, we have to have the U.S. Senate first pass the bill and then send to
the House to act on by either Consent or Suspension of House Rules.

**** Explanation why NO to March 30th and No to Welcome Home in name below ****

Six ACTION PLANS to get National MARCH 29th VIETNAM VETERANS DAY "FOREVER" accomplished:

(1) Get your own state's U.S.
Congress on board and to become Co-Sponsors

Veterans, Military, Family members, Friends and Fellow Citizens register your support

Ask those on Facebook to join the MARCH 29th VIETNAM VETERANS DAY cause

and also sign the petition at
(4)Ask those not on Facebook - send e-mail to[email protected]
with "I support a national March 29th Vietnam Veterans Day-
in the subject area and in the body provide name, city and
state (indicate if Veteran, family, or information would like to share that we
could forward to Congress),

(5)Or send a
letter with "I support national March 29th Vietnam Veterans Day -
with their signature and contact info to:
March 29th Vietnam Veterans Day
c/o Equal Honor For All
P.O. Box 32070
Cleveland, Ohio 44132-0070
(6)Call Congress Senators and Representatives offices, ask staff to
record your name and message "I support a national March 29th Vietnam
Veterans Day - FOREVER"

Why No to March 30th
March 30th is tainted because the blood of our nation's defenders was spilled
by the North Vietnamese when the Eastertide invasion started on March 30, 1972 and lasted through October 22 of 1972, a complete affront to our goodwill at the peace negotiations.

The Easter Offensive, and also (Chiến dịch Xuân hè 1972 in Vietnamese) was a military campaign conducted by the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) against the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN, the regular army of South Vietnam) and the United States military.

The offensive was given a title steeped in Vietnamese history. In 1773 the three Tây Sơn brothers (so-called because of the place of their origin) united a Vietnam divided by civil war and social unrest. The youngest brother, Nguyễn Huệ, then defeated an invading Chinese army on the outskirts of Hanoi in 1788. This was an obvious 200th anniversary goal to unite Vietnam under Communist rule regardless of the Peace Treaty negotiations.

Also on March 30 of 1975, the North Vietnamese again violated the peace
accords and disregarded our goodwill and deprived the South Vietnamese people of their right of self determination agreed to by the North. It created despair and the death of more of our people while trying to protect and help evacuate the people of the illegally occupied South Vietnam.

Why No to "Welcome Home"
Using "Welcome Home" comes across like a "LAST MAN
STANDING" tribute, it is not all encompassing and lacks clarity as to whom
gratitude and respect should be delivered especially in memory of those died during the Vietnam War and as a consequence of it as well as their families. This day is a perpetual message on behalf of "THOSE WHO NO LONGER HAVE A VOICE OR A CHOICE" that no other generation will endure the same pain.


R Ray Saikus

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All who have served during the Vietnam War and Era and their families have earned the gratitude and respect of our nation and its citizens. On the 50th...


All who have served during the Vietnam War and Era and their families have earned the gratitude and respect of our nation and its citizens. On the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Vietnam War it is time to deliver a thank you with the establishment of March 29th Vietnam Veterans Day


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