Pledge to

1. Let Jan and others in the group know if I have had any problems that might be reprisal or retalia

This pledge closed about 4 years ago

How this will help

a) Peyton Place Powell River. There was at one time a list of people on my facebook page that self disclosed as torture victims.  The list dissappeared at some point with no indication to me of where or why. Questions to Facebook and general questions about this fact have not yet been answered.  Somewhere between then and now i continued to be assaulted , tortured, burned, terrorized in the age of anti- terror campaign... etc. and was even evicted from a bed  bug infested -4 star hotel eg. a real dump.... it had to be hatred. (This was the closest place i could walk to after an assault Aug. 01 , 2010.  Unfortunately the practices there are linked to the Harper government in that the owner was a fellow named Rick Harper. ...of westview agencies etc. ttbombk and when i appealed for some legal initiatives on his part instead of lock out, my complaint was shelved and the landlord tenant bureau demanded a phone number and address from me though i had provided a contact address and number. i explained i feared retaliation but couldn't promise to have a phone. This meant my complaint was dumped though i had filed from the local court house with a Mr. Koch in the Powell River courthouse. b,c. services.  b) Peyton Place Winnipeg. Worse than this is that my relatives seem to be again connected. What a shame to have caused me all this grief eg. the sterilization...!!! I was raised away from them and was never a part of their family.   I was so "upset" that at one point i tried contacting the University of Manitoba for info about whether or not the cousins had really attended receiving medical degrees , engineering and teaching degrees....The illustrious home of _Monsanto_ corporation did not deign to offer me a spit in my direction.  Also not surprizingly U of Manitoba  was the first place to incarcerate me as a mental patient drugging me so badly i would't have noticed the dissing as they drove me into the hospital room door. Seems like tough love not negligeance now doesn't it....Entrapment of leffies was evident at that "venue" also.  BTW, Winnipeg also brags of cheap clothing since there are located several Canadian sweat shops.  So you see my problem is your problem and your problem is my problem ...isn't it?. 


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